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Stop the Hate

An Open Letter to the Athletic Community

Once heralded as online destinations to create like-minded connections, for, conversations, group meet ups and learning, public social media have descended into bastions of hate, chaos, disrespect, and sheer degenerative behavior with human dignity seeming to have fallen by the wayside. The outrageous actions have forced some athletes, celebrities, and people of good will to begin abandoning social media platforms.

English Football found it necessary to boycott social media in response to persistent, online racist abuse of players.

It is unconscionable that athletes who invest their time, talent, love, and grit to play organized sports for the masses to enjoy, continue to be subjected to relentless racist abuse online. No one should have to endure the mental distress of racial abuse - but it persists, unabashedly on social media, where the perpetrators can hide behind a screen. These outrageous acts once again reveal the ignorance and insensitivity which permeate certain segments of society.

And while it may take massive undertakings to reign in the culprits, clubs and leagues are demanding real and concerted actions from social media companies, to eradicate the use of their platforms to commit these vile acts.

Playaz4Playaz stands in solidarity with the athletic community, especially the clubs across the Premier League. English Football League, Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship, as they take a stance in protest against the online racist abuse and bullying of players. With racism and its damages to the human psyche persisting in society today, whether through ignorance or willful intentions, we are committed to doing our part to encourage a dynamic climate of racial tolerance as we take our platform from Beta to commercial.

Playaz4Playaz.com embraces the ethos of the sports culture and holds deep admiration for the determination with which athletes work to meet their fans expectations, despite challenges. We are tapping into the power of technology to empower athletes as they engage with their fans, followers and supporters and plan to engage in sustained efforts in respective environment which is membership based.