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Playaz4Playaz.com Announces Beta Testing of New Sports Only
Social Media Web App

March 1, 2021by Michael Jacobs

Playaz4Playaz.com (“P4P”) today announced the beta testing of its sports only social media platform with participants including, but not limited to, athletes, fans, and sports industry personnel. This milestone is a major move for P4P on its mission to create a global social media platform for the sports community.

"We’re really excited about the next couple of months as we move from production into beta testing," says Michael Jacobs, Chief Administrative Office at Playaz4Playaz.com. LLC.

To learn more about P4P’s beta testing, click here

About P4P: Playaz4Playaz.com is dedicated solely to the sports community. It was developed to help athletes redefine their social media presence as they interact with fans, followers, and their networks by providing multiple ways for professional and semi-professional athletes to monetize their brands.